The application is intended for the forwarding of petroleum products sent by sea for export.


A freight forwarder spent a lot of time every day in forming a report on the availability of petroleum products at a tank farm for shipment to the sea.

In particular, the task was to facilitate the entire workflow and remove  daily, tiring routine in order to quickly calculate the availability of petroleum products at a tank farm according to the nomenclature, contracts, taking into account the discharge from tank wagon into tanks and vessel tankers.

And the goal was achieved. Freight forwarder began to receive oil drain data from the tank farm (shipping from the factory and oil drain at the tank farm) by e-mail in an organized Excel format. Next, a couple of clicks to make the resulting oil drain in the application . Then deliver the shipment to the tankers on export orders and bills of lading. Everything began to be done quickly.

Before the application preparation of the oil report took about 4 hours.
After the implementation of the application, this process began to take about 20 minutes.
There has been a great workflow relief. The routine has been removed.

It is worth saying  that Bill of Lading, Shipping Order, Manifest,  tanker captain's receipt, Certificate of Origin is formed in other application  - Manifest.

Another task was to track tank wagons  on the way. This can be achieved by obtaining electronic data on the shipment of petroleum products by rail from an oil refinery.

The application allows to facilitate the work of a forwarding specialist engaged in the shipment of petroleum products for export. The program significantly reduces the laboriousness of obtaining reports on the presence of petroleum products at the tank farm.

Oil products arrive at the tank farm by rail and then go by sea for export. The tank farm discharges oil products into tanks from railway tanks.

Data about the discharge (oil drain) is sent daily automatically by the tank farm  to the forwarding specialist in the form of an Excel file by email. The Nefto application loads data on the oil drain from its Excel file into its database. Thus, the freight forwarder is able to see the discharge and availability of oil products at the oil depot in the context of cargo nomenclature, contracts, customs declaration, etc.

Next, oil products are shipped to the sea for export. The application includes data on the amount of oil products loaded onto a vessel tanker in the context of the customs declaration, shipping orders and Bills of Lading.

Oil drain data from tanks is a cargo arrival, and shipping to the sea is a departure. The application does all the calculations itself and gives the freight forwarder operational information on the availability of petroleum products at the oil depot according to the nomenclature, contracts and custom declaration, including olil drain and shipment.

There is a mode of transfer of a part of a consignment to another cargo customs declaration. It is necessary to specify the desired weight, the application will calculate everything else itself.


  • Formation of reports on the availability of petroleum products at tank farms.
  • Ship voyages and cargo total results in terms of  Shipping Orders, Bills of Lading, custom declaration, petroleum products.
  • Tracking of  the discharge of petroleum products from tanks to the tank farm.
  • Receiving oil drain data by email.
  • Tracking of ship shipments.
  • Table of oil drain data by dates of discharge, by custom declarations.
  • Sending information about the oil drain to the counterparty.
  • Information about the shipment of petroleum products.
  • Bills of Lading and shipment information.
  • Work with Cargo Customs Declaration.
  • Availability of petroleum products on custom declaration (custom declaration сard).
  • Transferring the availability of petroleum productsto another custom declaration (CCD). List of CCDs. Discharge by custom declarations in shifts.
  • The arrival of the petroleum products from another CCD.
  • Availability of petroleum products on CCD with brief declarations.
  • Cargo.
  • Counterparties (Shippers, Consignees).
  • Tankers.
  • Countries of the world.
  • Customs.
  • Summary table of the availability of petroleum products for its owner.
  • Summary table "Shipments by custom declarations".
  • Summary table "Report on the oil drain".
  • Reports by custom declarations.
  • Output data to Excel.


How to get acquainted with the application?

Write us a letter with a request for the application. To demonstrate the work of the application, we will install the working version of the application together and show how to work with it. The application will remain on your computer. You can use the application to familiarize yourself with its capabilities. Further, to work with the application, you will need to buy it..

How much does the application cost?

The cost of the application depends on the complexity of your workflow process and is calculated for each customer.

How much does application maintenance cost?

We write code so that everything works for years without problems. Therefore, minor problems can be fixed for free. If you need to add new functionality to the application, this usually happens on the basis of a new contract for upgrading the application. The cost of all upgrades is subject to negotiation with the customer.

How much will it cost to refine the application for our requirements?

If you need to add new functionality to the application, this usually happens on the basis of a new contract for upgrading the application. The cost of all upgrades is subject to negotiation with the customer.

What is the installation and implementation of the application?

It happens as follows: the customer becomes familiar with the capabilities of the application. If the application immediately arranges, then it is installed and work begins in the application. If some revision is required, such revision is carried out, for example, for a month or two and after that the application is ready to work. In the process, the application is still being improved and polished to become well-fledged.

Which documents are made for application purchasing?

License agreement (contract) on granting rights to use the application, invoice.