The application allows to record and track of the shipments of vehicles (cars, special equipment) being sent by rail (in wagons, containers) and in car carriers in various directions.


The application was created to facilitate the registration of cars and special equipment sent by rail or in car carriers.

Registration is done in the following way: after the car has arrived at the point of departure, all the car data  are entered into the application , as well as the direction, the shipper’s data and the receiver’s data with addresses, telephones, the date of the car’s arrival to the parking lot and the amount of payment, or amount of debt.

The number of cars in stock (parked) is immediately visible. After sending the cars, the lists of shipments are automatically created and all sent cars are written off from the warehouse (from the parking lot). There is a record of all shipments and all information on payment of shipments. You can print out the reports “Shipping card”, “Warehouse report”, “Weight”. You can print out the contract in MS Word format and the equipment report in MS Word.

In parallel, a database is automatically created for both shippers and consignees. Very fast search by shippers and consignees. We immediately see what was sent, and what else is in the parking lot. The advantage of the application is that there is a report on the receipt of funds. Debt accounting is also kept. There are columns for comments.

Without closing the application , you can send reports and maps sent by e-mail. Also, all data is displayed in Excel. In the lists of accompanying people there is a column about their salary and balance of payments, for each there is a statistics and a record of their trips. Statistics are kept on sending cars in different positions, rating by models, by directions, by counterparties.

You can easily find a car in the archive for different positions, by recipient, by sender, by car model, etc.


  • Registration of information about the car: brand and model, year of manufacture, color, engine number, body number, frame number, car number, customs, etc.
  • Tracking of shipments of vehicles and special equipment by rail in wagons, on platforms, in containers.
  • Tracking of cars in a warehouse in the directions (warehouse report).
  • Tracking  of customer orders for transportation.
  • Tracking of customer bookings for transportation.
  • Registration of information about the railway shipment: wagon number, container number, direction of transportation, wagon recipient, etc.
  • Tracking days free storage.
  • Loading cars in the car.
  • Information about accompanying persons. Accounting payments for accompanying persons.
  • Tracking of cars by customers, shippers, recipients.
  • Printing of the acceptance act.
  • Responsible storage.
  • Material storage.
  • Printing inventory (accessories)
  • Convenient printing of the contract for sending cars in MS Word.
  • Weight report printing.
  • Printing of carload information (dispatch report).
  • Printing of cash report.
  • Acceptance sheet in Excel format.
  • Tracking of containers with cars.
  • Tracking of materials for separation.
  • Container number control.
  • Calculation of days of paid storage of cars in stock.
  • Loading in the container.
  • Unloading from the container.
  • Transfer from container to container.
  • Accounting for payments and customer debts. 
  • Calculations of the cost of various services.
  • Revenues, expenses.
  • Invoices issued.
  • Invoices received.
  • Contracts.
  • Acts of work performed.
  • Accounting for direct shipping costs. Accounting for total shipping costs for the month. The distribution of total costs is proportional to direct costs.


How to get acquainted with the application?

Write us a letter with a request for the application. To demonstrate the work of the application, we will install the working version of the application together and show how to work with it. The application will remain on your computer. You can use the application to familiarize yourself with its capabilities. Further, to work with the application, you will need to buy it..

How much does the application cost?

The cost of the application depends on the complexity of your workflow process and is calculated for each customer.

How much does application maintenance cost?

We write code so that everything works for years without problems. Therefore, minor problems can be fixed for free. If you need to add new functionality to the application, this usually happens on the basis of a new contract for upgrading the application. The cost of all upgrades is subject to negotiation with the customer.

How much will it cost to refine the application for our requirements?

If you need to add new functionality to the application, this usually happens on the basis of a new contract for upgrading the application. The cost of all upgrades is subject to negotiation with the customer.

What is the installation and implementation of the application?

It happens as follows: the customer becomes familiar with the capabilities of the application. If the application immediately arranges, then it is installed and work begins in the application. If some revision is required, such revision is carried out, for example, for a month or two and after that the application is ready to work. In the process, the application is still being improved and polished to become well-fledged.

Which documents are made for application purchasing?

License agreement (contract) on granting rights to use the application, invoice.