Sea-freight Automation Framework (SAF)

SAF is an open source initiative to create a standard for automation framework, which offers a broader cross industry spectrum shifting away from today’s current inefficient practices to automated machine control in maritime logistics.

When adopted by the maritime industry it should not only drastically increase the level of automation and reduce IT cost but provide cross-platform interaction to all factions involved in cargo handling operations and logistics.

"In SAF we are talking about the standardization of interfaces, ideally the SAF application (from different developers) can be used with all terminals in the world and with all freight forwarders in the world.

Since all interactions are standard, SAF applications allow you to transfer data automatically from one interaction (between roles, participants) to another.

For example, from the interaction between the shipper and the freight forwarder, the freight forwarder will be able to transfer data further to the shipping lines without having to re-enter the data.

Due to the fact that all interactions are standard, the SAF application will be able to perform work without human intervention in certain cases." by Alexandre Goussiatiner, P.Eng., PMP,  Senior Port Engineering and Operations Manager Contributor at Sea-Freight Automation Framework Foundation (SAF)