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The site contains information about software to track ocean, rail and truck container shipments. All applications are to improve the efficiency of business processes and achieve economic benefits.

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Sea-freight Automation Framework (SAF)

SAF is an open source ("open source") initiative with the goal of creating a standard automation framework that would allow a broad transition (reengineering) from inefficient and fragmented business processes to computer control in maritime logistics.

The implementation of this framework will not only dramatically increase the level of automation and reduce the cost of applied IT information technologies, but also lead to the effective interaction of all participants in cargo handling and logistics.

It should be noted that the application of the SAF standard in maritime multimodal transportation leads to a significant increase in the economic effect (greater profit) due to better coordination (reengineering) of the business processes involved (“time is money”).

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The Shipping application makes it easy for export managers to manage information about customers' orders, sea line bookings, customs broker instructions, driver instructions for container packages, shipment departure and arrival dates, and team members' responsibilities.



The Booking-Request application makes it easy for export managers to book a sea freight shipment.



The application allows tracking of diverse types of cargo: containers, bulk, general cargo, machinery, equipment, scrap, coal, etc



The application allows tracking of rail shipments (export, import, transit, domestic transport)



This container management system allows to track of containers' events: Gate In/Out, Delivery, Selling, Purchase, Rent, Repairing and so on.



Printing of export sea cargo documents.



The RoadFreights application allows to track of international road shipments (containers, cargo), accounting for income and expenses for each shipment.

Feedbacks from customers

  • Feedback on the application "Shipping"

    I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Oleg Zhikharev for translating into reality the wonderful program “Shipping”.

    Several yeas go, in the person of my freight forwarding company, I turned to Oleg with a request to create a application that allows keeping track of cargo when it is shipped by sea to the Chukotka Autonomous Region areas.

    Initially, the application was positioned as a application for tracking of containers and cargo in the sea port.

    I should say that the application is simple and clear in use, on the one hand, and on the other, it is full of diverse opportunities.

    In the process of work, new needs arose and the need to introduce additional diverse functions into the application. Taking into account the requests of forwarders, the development of the application did not stop, the possibilities of the application were constantly improving and expanding.

    In particular, in the application there is the possibility of recording the movement of cargo not only through road and rail transportation, but also tracking of the movement of cargo within the berth / warehouse, container. This opportunity significantly increased the accuracy, information content and facilitated the tracking of cargo at the initial stage of its acceptance for sea transportation and significantly expanded the range of use of the application.

    At the moment, our company uses the second version of the application. It has a much improved interface, many new features and features have been added to the application that keep pace with the times and correspond to the current stages of the development of maritime transport.

    During the work with the application the application has never failed, both the first and the second version.

    A huge plus of the application is that in the process of active work with it, you can implement additional reports, adjustments and so on. And it only always improves the working functions of the application.

    Thank you very much personally Oleg Zhikharev! For responsiveness, patience and willingness to always come to the rescue in a particular issue.

    LLC "MarinTEK" Vladivostok Deputy for Production Issues: Pokidyshev Yuri Viktorovich
  • Feedback on the program "Rail-Auto"

    The Rail-Auto application was created to facilitate the registration of cars and special vehicles sent by rail or in car carriers. I consider the application a magic wand for any manager in this field.

    Registration is done in the following way: after the car has arrived at the point of departure, all the car data are entered into the application , as well as the direction, the shipper’s data and the receiver’s data with addresses, telephones, the date of the car’s arrival to the parking lot and the amount of payment, or amount of debt.

    The number of cars in stock (parked) is immediately visible. After sending the cars, the lists of shipments are automatically created and all sent cars are written off from the warehouse (from the parking lot). There is a record of all shipments and all information on payment of shipments. You can print out the reports “Shipping card”, “Warehouse report”, “Weight”. You can print out the contract in MS Word format and the equipment report in MS Word.

    In parallel, a database is automatically created for both shippers and consignees. Very fast search by shippers and consignees. We immediately see what was sent, and what else is in the parking lot. The advantage of the application is that there is a report on the receipt of funds. Debt accounting is also kept. There are columns for comments.

    Without closing the application , you can send reports and maps sent by e-mail. Also, all data is displayed in Excel. In the lists of accompanying people there is a column about their salary and balance of payments, for each there is a statistics and a record of their trips. Statistics are kept on sending cars in different positions, rating by models, by directions, by counterparties.

    You can easily find a car in the archive for different positions, by recipient, by sender, by car model, etc.

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